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vidmate apk download
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Vidmate is a free video downloading app along with which you can download free songs, TV shows,movies etc.,

It is available free over internet From multiple downloading websites to download vidmate click here.

You are here so i think you got the basic knowledge of what is vidmate.

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More About Vidmate App

Vidmate is the most famous and downloaded video downloader app on internet.

It has some amazing features which catch the eye of users.

Vidmate is one of the most user friendly youtube video downloader. It is available free over internet.

You don’t have to pay a single penny to use it. You can even earn from it by the contests held time to time within the app.

Vidmate comes with pre installed video player so that you don’t have to download a different player to play videos downloaded with it.

It has one of the most vast playlist of songs categorised according to the singers,album,movies etc.,

You can download unlimited movies for free with it. It also showcases all the trending videos over internet.

vidmate apk download

Unlimited songs and movies

You can download unlimited songs from this app and all songs are saved to your sd card or phone memory whichever selected.

So that even when you accidentally uninstall the vidmate app, then also you can enjoy all the downloaded songs and videos.

It has minimal ads and you will hardly see one for the user friendliness as we thrive to make it feel better for the users.

You can also take screenshots of the video within the video player app by clicking on the screenshot icon.

It can also be used as a youtube video downloader, You can download as much videos as you want.

Just click on share button in youtube and copy the shareable link and paste it in the search bar.

Now, select the resoulution you want and start downloading. Isn’t it easy enough or you can say child’s play.

It also has hindi dubbed Hollywood movies for non english speaking users to download and watch hollywood movies in hindi

I think this is enough to get a brief idea about the app. Even if you want to know more then kindly comment below or refer our FAQs section.

If you have any further query then comment below we will love to help you out.